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Philippines' leading producer of Wear & Abrasion Resistant Casting for Aggregate, Mining, Cement and Allied Industries.

35 Old Baesa Road, Quezon City, Philippines 8:00am — 5:00pm

About Us

Grand Engineering and Foundry Corporation traces its humble beginnings to 1970 when it was established as a small cupola fired cast iron family owned foundry composed of only 10 people. It was incorporated in 1975 and has since grown through the years. By 1994 it had become the second largest commercial jobbing foundry in the Philippines and continues to maintain this distinction.

The company manufactures metal castings and fabrications for the mining, cement, quarrying, automotive and other related industries for both the domestic and export market. The company is adept at casting alloys such as stainless and manganese steel, hi-chrome, ni-hard, copper alloys, ductile and gray iron. The company is equipped with complete machining facilities and sells a third of its castings partially or completely machined.

The foundry's production capacity is approximately 200 tons per month on a full employment level and can produce castings from less than a kilo to 3 tons in weight per piece.

The foundry is equipped with a complete laboratory for the testing of metal composition, metallographic analysis, hardness test and other non-destructive methods to insure total product quality. The engineering section is staffed with highly qualified personnel for drafting, designing and other engineering works. It is ably supported by a well-equipped pattern shop that can do wood, metal and plastic patterns together will all the jigs and gauges.

The company prides itself in its ability to produce a variety of alloys with controlled chemical analysis and metallurgical structure. GEFC business is built on personal service to our customers and guanranteed performance of our products.

Products & Services

GRAND Engineering pours castings in several choices and grades. Special compositions not listed can be made to customer's requirements.



What We Offer
Engineering, Foundry, Laboratories Fabrications, Machine Shops

What We Make
Ni-Hard, Hi-Chrome, Ductile Iron Alloy Steel, Manganese Steel,
Stainless Steel, Copper Alloys

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Main Foundry
2 units 400 Kw Inductotherm Furnace
1 unit 3 Tons/Hr SINTO Green Sand Molding Line/Sand System 1 unit CO2 Sand System
3 units Jolt-Squeeze Molding Machine
1 unit 9 - Ton Heat Treatment Furnace
1 unit 2 - Ton Heat Treatment Furnace
1 unit SINTO Shot Blast Machine
3 units Overtead Crane 5T, 10T and 151 capacity
1 unit 250 Kw Inductotherm Furnace
1 unit 125 Kw Inductotherm Furnace
1 unit 1.2 Ton/Hr Capacity Cupola
1 unit 1,000 Kg/Hr Furan Based Chemical Moulding Line
1 unit 300 Kg/Hr CO2 System Moulding Line
2 units LEROI Air Compressor
1 unit 1-Ton Capacity Heat Treatment Furnace
1 unit Shot - Tumblast Machine
1 unit 750 Kw Furnace
1 unit 500 Kw Furnace
Assorted Grinding and Finishing Machines

Duality Control Division
64 - Channel Spectrolab Optical Omission Spectrometer
One Complete Laboratory for Wet Testing of Basic Metal Composition
CE Meter w/ Digital Molten Metal Temperature Indicator
Metallographic Instruments for Micro and Physical Structure Testing
King Brinell Hardness Tester
Kraut Kramer Ultrasonic Testing
Other Non - Destructive Testing (Dye Penetrant etc.)

Machine Shop Division
1 unit Vertical Grinding Mill 72"
5 units Vertical Lathe 30", 40", 60" & 100"
2 units Horizontal Lathe 8 Footer & 10 Footer
3 units Horizontal Lathe 5 Footer
2 units 60" Radial Drill
1 unit 12" Vertical Shaper
1 unit 24" Shaper
1 unit 6 ft. Capacity Planer
1 unit Milling Machine, Size 2
Assorted Grinding and Finishing Machines

Fabrication Division
2 units Mechanical Press Brake 150Tons Capacity
1 unit Mechanical Shearing Machine 3/8" X 8" Capacity
2 units Mechanical Power Press 100 & 25 Tons Capacity
2 units Hydraulic Press Machine 1000, 500, 80 & 60 Tons Capacity
2 units Mechanical Roller Bender 1/4" X 4" and 1-1/2" X 6" Capacity
1 unit Tungsten Inert Gas Welding Machine 300 Amperes
1 unit Metal Inert Gas Welding Machine 300 Amperes
1 unit Plasma Cutting Machine S/S, 5/16" thk
1 unit Automatic Gas Cutter Mild Steel 2" thk Capacity
1 unit Spot Welding Machine 15 KVA Mild Steel 3mm thk
1 unit Horizontal Press - In/Press - Out Machine 250 Tons

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35 Old Baesa Road, Quezon City, Philippines


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